LOCAL DELIVERY within 25 miles of Folsom, California.

We can deliver locally within 25 miles at no charge to you.

For local delivery, we may drive the vehicle to you, or we may trailer it to you.


EXTENDED LOCAL DELIVERY from 26 – 300 miles

If you reside within 26 – 300 miles, we can deliver to you at a competitive price that will be quoted up front.

For extended local deliveries, depending on our backlog, we may use our own trailer, or we may hire a professional transport company.

Our price quotes are intended to cover costs and not to make a profit on deliveries.



If you reside beyond 300 miles, we will quote you a competitive price for delivery by a professional transport company.

Again, our price quotes are intended to cover costs and not to make a profit on deliveries.



We reserve the right to make adjustments to our process and or pricing on a case by case basis, and without notice as we deem necessary to accommodate the individual needs of our customers.

1) Odometer Disclosure: If we drive the vehicle to you (local delivery,) the actual odometer reading on the vehicle will be higher than what was previously stated when you signed the Odometer Disclosure.
2) You must show proof that the vehicle has been added to your insurance policy before we can deliver it to you.
3) Our dealership and professional transport companies also carry insurance.
4) By default, we quote for vehicles to be transported on an open trailer.
5) If you prefer the vehicle to deliver in an enclosed trailer, please notify us in advance as your quote will be higher.
6) Any time vehicles are transported, they usually arrive dirtier than when they left our facility.
7) Vehicle will be visually inspected thoroughly before leaving our facility and after it arrives to you.
8) All contracts between you and the dealership will be signed in advance of the vehicle being transported.  (You and/or your lienholder will take legal ownership of the vehicle on paper before it’s transported to you and taken into physical possession.)
9) Other than a bill of lading, professional transport company is not authorized to have you sign or initial contracts between you and the dealership.


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